Website Personalization

For Banks, Credit Unions, & Financial Services Companies

Personalize your website's content, imagery, and offers based on user behavior and data

Website Personalization Speaks To Your Customers

Be Part of the Moment

Sarah has been perusing car ads. Steven has read two of your articles on home equity loans. Pam started a mortgage application but abandoned it. When these customers or members visit your site, they will see offers, articles and images relevant to their disparate lives. DBS DX can help you create a site that speaks to all of them. We’ll start with just a few personas like homeowners, parents, or new credit builders - and can eventually scale to dozens.


Power Website Personalization With Multiple Data Sources

DMP-Driven Personalization

DMP-Driven Personalization

If you’re already using a Data Management Platform, you can start leveraging that 2nd and 3rd party data to fuel website personalization and product recommendations. DBS DX can help you do it.
CRM-Driven Personalization

CRM-Driven Personalization

Your CRM is full of data about your customers. Using this to help decide what content and offers to show your website visitors enables you to give customers and members what they’re looking for, instead of distracting them with information they don’t need today.
CMS-Driven Personalization

CMS-Driven Personalization

Online visitors create a trail, showing what they’re interested in today, even if they’re not approaching your sales team or filling out applications. We can help you use this user-generated behavioral information in your website personalization strategy to help move customers toward their goal.

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Effective website personalization utilizes a blend of data from multiple sources. DBS DX can help you leverage your DMP, CRM, and CMS to design your organization’s personalization hierarchy and strategy.

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Website Personalization Use Cases for Financial Services

Fuel Next Best Product Recommendation

Use your institution’s available, integrated data to predict and identify your customer’s next best product. Then push that recommendation to your CRM to help your sales agents and loan officers quickly understand what your customer has been researching on your website or across the internet.



Geo-based Personalization

Personalize your website to reflect where your customers and members live and do business. Anything from homepage imagery to events and special offers can be tailored based on a website user’s physical location.

Targeted Offers & Pre-Approvals

Pre-approved offers are a great way to drive a lot of business - fast. We can help with lists, criteria, exclusions, and any other aspects of a targeted loan offer. We can even personalize the emails and landing pages to each sender!



Leverage Credit Report Data for Personalized Offers

Every piece of data is a door to growing business. When someone finances their car with you, why not also utilize that fresh credit report data to generate additional offers? It’s a win-win for your institution and your customer - and eliminates the need for additional hard credit pulls.