Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy & Management

For Banks, Credit Unions, & Financial Services Companies

Grow your financial institution's organic presence by eliminating technical issues and producing high quality content.

Search Engine Strategies for Financial Services

SEO has a huge impact on how a bank or credit union performs online. When people search for a loan or checking account, 94% will skip the ads and go straight for the organic results, which is where your institution needs to lead. We can help with that.

Keyword & Content Strategy

Keyword & Content Strategy

DBS understands the nuances of having a research-based keyword and content strategy, and we have more than a decade of experience implementing and executing on those strategies. Let DBS research and help develop your new content strategy, editorial calendars, content placement, and advertising to drive potential customers and members straight to you.
Article & Content Development

Article & Content Development

When people search for information about loans or other financial service products, they don't want a sales pitch. They want guidance towards their own decisions. DBS cultivates trust in your brand by strategizing and creating engaging, substantive content that establishes your bank or credit union as a thought leader and advisor.
Measure, Monitor, & Optimize Over Time

Measure, Monitor, & Optimize Over Time

Leverage your investment in content by tracking how it is performing in terms of generating leads and conversions. Monitoring content lets you make tweaks along the way to continually improve results. DBS will make sure the proper tracking mechanisms are in place to give you the data and insights you need to prove success.

Good SEO Is Hard to Find

And good SEO in the banking industry is even harder to find. We know, because we've been optimizing banking and credit union websites, cleaning up bad SEO, and seeing incredible results for a long time. Talk to us today about your search engine ranking strategy.

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The DBS SEO Website Audit

With search engines like Google and Bing constantly updating their algorithms, SEO best practices are forced to keep pace. DBS takes a two-pronged approach to SEO and website health by assessing technical issues as well as content quality. The DBS SEO audit will identify:

  • Site Architecture & URL Structure Recommendations
  • Technical Health & Crawl Issues
  • Keyword, Product Page, & Content Optimization Opportunities
  • Organic Share Competitive Research & Analysis

Your team will receive a comprehensive list, presentation, and consulting hours so you can transform your website for better search engine rankings. Before your next website migration, talk to DBS.

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SEO Consulting & Research Services

Technical SEO & Website Best Practices

Have questions but not ready for a full audit? Our consultants can help you understand how to evaluate your sitemap and content against best practices. We’re available to help with the heavy lifting or just offer advice.

Keyword & Content Strategy Consulting

As experts in financial services, we understand how consumers and businesses shop for products like loans, mortgages, and certificates of deposit; we understand how banks and credit unions operate; and we understand the rules that govern the industry. We’re happy to consult with your team and provide insight and direction on choosing the best keywords to optimize your website and content efforts.

Organic Competition Research

Today your competitors aren’t just the credit union around the corner, they’re the financial consumer media company on the web that’s showing offers from around the country. Even small and local banks and credit unions need to think big, and stake out their space on the internet. DBS positions you to do just that.

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