MuleSoft Implementations & Integrations

For Banks, Credit Unions, & Financial Services Companies

Securely connect and integrate any banking system with real-time data flow.

MuleSoft Implementation Services

Connect Legacy Banking Systems

Connect Legacy Banking Systems

Without modern integrations, legacy banking systems are more of an anchor than an engine. MuleSoft helps connect your web of systems to Salesforce’s robust ecosystem (or your CRM of choice), providing you with a powerful driver of customer data, interaction, service potential and opportunities for growth.
Data in Real-Time

Data in Real-Time

While your core may only push data out periodically, MuleSoft and Salesforce can access and use information in real-time, all the time for a true open banking system. The key to a digital sales culture is always-on, always-available, evergreen service. MuleSoft Anypoint Platform makes that possible.
Do it All, Securely

Do it All, Securely

MuleSoft is used by the world’s leading financial services companies. It enforces global policies, applies best practices across the API lifecycle, monitors for compliance, and uses standard API patterns for authentication and authorization. Anypoint Security creates layers of enterprise-grade Edge security that harden over time and support tokenization of sensitive information.

Need Help With MuleSoft?

We've got you covered. The DBS DX development team is well-versed in implementing MuleSoft and using it to integrate legacy banking systems and facilitate real-time data flow, securely.

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Do More With MuleSoft Integrations

Legacy System Transformation

Legacy systems consume more than 75% of IT spend. MuleSoft can help lower maintenance costs by more than 65% by using APIs to decouple data and services from complex systems. You may have a legacy core, but with MuleSoft your bank or credit union can function like an agile, customer-first, digital organization.

ETL Automations

Manual ETL processes that currently add hundreds of hours per year to your development teams’ plates can be easily automated with bi-directional data flows. Automating your ETLs in MuleSoft helps decrease data errors and contamination while offering flexible error handling and reporting. Give your development team the gift of time by letting ETLs run while they sleep.

Future-Proof Your Tech Stack

Once your institution has implemented MuleSoft, it becomes significantly easier to incorporate any future systems into your tech ecosystem. Whether big or small, MuleSoft allows organizations to seamlessly add or remove critical systems without the need to completely reconfigure and reintegrate the entire tech stack.

Loan Application Development

Lending is a financial institution’s lifeblood. Instead of dealing with third-party loan applications, DBS DX can work with you to build your own! Offer your customers and members an intuitive, instant-decision loan application based on your organization’s internal policies and preferences.

MuleSoft Use Cases for Financial Services

Real-time Data Flow Between Legacy Systems

Open banking is about connections, dissolving silos, and having a 360-degree view of the customer. To do that, you need real-time data flow between teams, your core banking system, and the dozens of other legacy systems across the organization. That’s what MuleSoft was designed to do. DBS DX can create a secure connection wherever it’s needed using MuleSoft.



Reduce Development Workloads

Historically, coding the connections that would safely convert bank, credit union, and other financial institution data into something usable across the organization would take months of work from a highly skilled development team. With MuleSoft, you can build and automate those connections so your development team can spend less time maintaining and more time innovating.

Instant-Decision Applications

Do your current loan and account application providers let your customers and members get instant decisions on your website - right when they apply? Is your organization frustrated with the limitations of third-party loan origination systems? DBS DX can help create custom, instant-decision loan applications that your organization can use as data sources for future lead nurturing.