Marketing Cloud Implementations & Integrations

For Banks, Credit Unions, & Financial Services Companies

Automate customer outreach, ads, re-targeting, and customer journeys based on multiple data streams that lead to fast results.

Marketing Cloud Implementations

New Marketing Cloud Implementations

New Marketing Cloud Implementations

DBS DX can help you get Marketing Cloud up and running fast and ready to prove ROI through any of our Quick Win projects we have available. Within a month, you can have a basic implementation as well as your first Marketing Cloud use case up and running - and increasing production. 

Integrations, Development, & Clean Up

Integrations, Development, & Clean Up

Marketing automation systems are extremely flexible with endless customization options. DBS DX can handle Marketing Cloud integrations of all levels of complexity. We can also help remediate any issues caused by over- or under-customization.

Marketing Cloud Development Projects

Preference Center Development

Marketers, even those not in financial services, have to follow outreach regulations, like CAN-SPAM. These offer email recipients the option to unsubscribe from all or some of your emails. DBS DX can build a custom preference center by which customers or members can opt in for the emails they still want to receive, and opt out of those they don’t.

Journey Design & Development

In Marketing Cloud, you can build and send targeted, personalized emails (or real mail, like a box of caramels!), at the right moments, triggered by customer, member, or prospect actions. We can help design and develop journeys for lead generation, relationship building, onboarding, and even custom journeys.

Data Extension Management

Data extension management ensures the right customers, members, or prospects get the right offers or notifications at the right moments - and that the right people are excluded from irrelevant offers. We can help your team get the appropriate data extensions built according to your institution’s policies and preferences.

Marketing Cloud Implementation Cleanups

Marketing cloud implementations can be difficult and sometimes need some post-integration remediation. Regardless of who conducted the initial implementation, DBS DX can turn things around and help you get what you want out of your Marketing Cloud investment.

Looking for a Financial Services Salesforce Partner?

DBS DX is more than just a Salesforce implementation partner. We're former banking executives who became Salesforce partners so that we could help banks and credit unions across the country successfully implement and prove ROI on their Salesforce investment.

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Marketing Automation Use Cases for Financial Services

New Customer & Member Onboarding Journeys

The top reason for customer churn is that customers don’t know how to get value from your organization. Onboarding journeys are designed to resolve that. With Journey Builder in Marketing Cloud, you can automatically send customers and members content on how to maximize the products they’ve recently applied for or received, information on next best product, or even information on using your website and apps to advance their life goals. Great onboarding is a key to retention.



Special Offers & Digital Pre-Approvals

Your customers and members love to be told that they’ve been pre-approved to a specific amount for something they are possibly in the market for. Using Marketing Cloud, DBS DX can help you create a special offer or loan pre-approval, identify your qualifying audience and their specific approval amount, send the invitation, and track results. You can sit back and watch production climb!

Next Best Product Journeys

If your bank or credit union isn’t leveraging its 1st party data (and even 2nd and 3rd party data) to identify next best product recommendations for your members and customers, you’re missing out! DBS DX can help you develop a Next Best Product recommender - and trigger automated journeys based off that recommendation. Journey Builder makes it possible to scale these efforts and reach your customers on their channel of preference.