Digital Sales Team Architecture & Training

For Banks, Credit Unions, & Financial Services Companies

Equip your sales and service teams to work with customers on their channel of choice

Scale Production with a Digital Sales Team

Drive Top-Notch Customer Service

Drive Top-Notch Customer Service

In a world of constantly rising expectations, customers compare your service to their last transaction, online or offline. Banks and credit unions need a stellar digital team to compete. A digital sales team, working on multiple channels, can answer the questions customers and members have - when and where they arise - easing them toward action.
Empower Your Teams to Increase Production

Empower Your Teams to Increase Production

A recent report on the financial services industry by McKinsey shows that mobile commerce accounts for 48% of digital commerce sales, and is expected to reach 70% within two years. As customer and member behavior and expectations continue to rapidly evolve, banks and credit unions need to adapt and offer digital service and sales channels.
Make the Most of Every Customer Interaction

Make the Most of Every Customer Interaction

Every interaction, from a branch visit to an abandoned application, generates valuable data. Imagine having a sales team that can leverage that data to kick off a customer or member journey, trigger a marketing campaign, or generate a personalized offer. In digital banking, there are no dead ends, just more information.
Increase Conversion Rates Across Entire Sales Funnel

Increase Conversion Rates Across Entire Sales Funnel

Customers and members can contact you from countless places - financial articles, social media, your website, via text message, and more. Having well-trained digital sales and service agents ready to help and respond in real time can double, triple, even quadruple conversion rates - not to mention your institution's Net Promotor Score.

We Can Help You Design & Hire Your Dream Team

Design Your Team Org Structure

Knowing how many sales agents to schedule, on which channels, to field various inquiries or touch points is a math problem. DBS can use data to:

  • Determine the optimal team size
  • Determine optimal scheduling on various channels
  • Hire and onboard the correct number of agents
  • Train and cross-train teams on products and channels
  • Monitor performance and make adjustments


Digital Sales Team Job Descriptions & Incentive Plans

Digital sales positions require different skill sets and incentive plans than traditional sales teams. They require agents who are comfortable with aggressive sales goals and the accelerated communications expectations of digital customers. DBS is experienced in writing digital sales job descriptions and creating incentives to attract and retain candidates qualified to handle a financial services sales position.

SLAs, Sales Scripts, Procedures, and More

Everything in digital sales is different. It’s faster. The language is less formal (but still must be legally appropriate). The growing selection of tools and multi-tasking can overwhelm agents. DBS can help with all of it, from writing the sales script to training chatbots; from helping with your knowledge base to designing sales flow. We can help write the book on how your organization handles digital sales.


Ready to start hiring and training your digital sales team?

Digital Sales Team Training

Custom Training Plans for Digital Sales Teams

Financial services products are not one size fits all. Your brand has its own look, sound, and feel. Your customers may prefer one channel over another. DBS can help design custom training plans to make your digital sales operations work seamlessly with the rest of your organization so that customers have a unified experience.
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Salesforce Training for Sales & Service Teams

Salesforce is a powerful tool. But unless you know how to use it, you might lose a lot of its functionality. DBS DX is a trusted Salesforce partner with decades of financial services experience. We can ensure your Salesforce integration results in the production and performance that inspired you to invest in it through comprehensive training for your sales and service teams.
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